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These pages form a reflection on humility and how, in the Social Age, leadership may be more ‘humble’ than ‘hero’.

My work explores the context of the Social Age, and how we can learn to be more humble and fair as Social Leaders. This essay forms part of that journey.

It is intended neither as a definition of humility nor a route map to get you there. If anything, it’s an individual reflection.

My own reflection, and structured as such. My own understanding and truth.
At best, I hope it provides you with a set of thoughts to kick off from: a place to start.

But I should warn you that I suspect humility itself is not a destination, but rather a measure of the journey that we take.

Your truth is yours to find.

I know people who are humble, but few who would describe themselves as such. The badge of humility may be one that is bestowed.

With that thought, humility may not be a state that we attain, but is, perhaps, a light that is shone upon our actions.

It’s not an intention, but rather a judgement. A measurement upon, or a shadow of, our deeds.

The Humble Leader

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